Day 4 of the ‪#‎kundaliniyogachallenge‬ is an exercise I Call THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH

It is also known as the cat-cow pose.

How to: 
Come on the hands and knees, knees shoulder width apart. Inhale as you flex your spine down and bring your head up. Exhale as you flex your spine up in an arched position with the head down. Keep the arms straight. Continue rhythmically with powerful breathing, gradually increasing the speed as your spine becomes more and more flexible.

1-3 minutes.

To end:

Inhale into cow, hold, pull the energy up the spine with the root lock. Exhale and relax on the heels. Sit quietly and let the breath slow down. Feel the energy circulate. Concentrate at the third eye.

This exercise is known as the Kundalini chiropractor. Done regularly it loosens up and adjusts the spine. Flexibility of The spine is the key ingridient for youth!

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