3 min Confidence Booster

Yoga for Confidence, willpower and transformation

Today you'll get my first video from Soul-Fitness. I'm sharing a Kundalini Yoga Kriya that boosts your confidence and gives you radiant look. It works so well on your magnetic field that you will become irresistible even to yourself!  

My ultimate 3 Min Meditation: Sat Kriya 

Sat Kriya is a complete kriya in itself even though it only got one exercise. 

-Strengthens the nervous system 
-Transforms sexual energy to creative energy
-Helps the brain and body to recover from toxicity
-Stimulates and channelizes the kundalini energy
-Releases stuck emotions and strengthens the solar plexus

If you have time for nothing else, practice Sat Kriya daily to keep your body a clean and vital temple for your soul!

“You don’t need make-up; you don’t need to make up for anything. You are known by your spirit. You shall project out by your radiance. You shall be loved and honored by your excellence.”

- Yogi Bhajan 

Sat Nam


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