A day without the camel is a day without sunshine

Day 5 of the ‪#‎kundaliniyogachallenge‬ is Camel Pose (Ustrasana).

"A day without the camel is a day without sunshine" Bahimat Sing

How to: 
Root yourself with the knees, pressing firmly into the earth.
Bring the pelvis forward, tilt the tailbone under, lift the heart centre, and exhale as you lean back.
Lift the hips as high as you can.
Grab the heels or ankles.
Drop the head back.

Breathe through the nose.

2 to 3 minutes.

I love this pose! It is a true heart-opener! I did it very much this summer when my heart was broken, and it carried me through hard times. It opens the hips as Well, releasing stuck emotions.

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