A Kundalini Yoga Meditation to enhance your inner awesomeness

Sat Nam yogis! 

Its day 2 of the #kundaliniyogachallenge - today I'm sharing a meditation to bust through the blocks - its Called ego eradicator! 

This meditation busts through the ego’s littleness and opens you up to your inner awesomeness and faithful intuition.

How to: 

Come sitting on the heels, or in Easy Pose
Apply Neck Lock.
Lift the arms up to 60 degrees. Then draw the shoulder blades down over the back of the ribs, so the shoulders are away from the ears.
Curl the fingertips onto the pads of the palms, with the thumbs stretched back. Thumbs aim at each other above the head.
Do the breath of fire.

Keep going for 1-3 min 

To end, inhale deeply, hold the breath, concentrate on the spot one feet above the head and touch the thumbs above the head, and open the fingers.

Other benefits: 
-Release stale air from your lungs
-Expand your lung capacity, increasing your vital energy
-Strengthen your nervous system to help you manage stress
-Repair the balance in your nervous system that helps you be active at some times and relaxed at others
-Help your mind be focused, intelligent and relaxed
-Relax any tension that you may have around your heart

Get your ego eradicator on! And let me know how it goes! You guys rock! keep going!

Sat Nam 


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