A 1 minute breath that energizes, purifies and stimulates the lifeforce (prana)

Welcome to the first day of the Kundalini yoga challenge - Today I want you to do Breath of fire (BOF). A fundamental pranayama in kundalini yoga.

How to:

1. Sit comfortably with a straight spin and your hands in prayer pose (hands together at the heartcenter)

2. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye point and center yourself in the present moment with long deep breathing.

3. Breath of fire: exhale through the nostrils as you pump your navel towards your spine, start slowly and increase the speed (2-3 cycles per second). To inhale the navel relaxes out. The breath happens rapidly, rhytmically and continuously, the inhale and the exhale are equal, both through the nose, with no pause between them. Do this for 1 min.

4. To end: inhale and hold for 10 sec. Relax in stillness, hands on knees in gyan mudra (index and tumb are touching)!

Practice this on a empty stomach. 

For women: avoid during pregnancy and the first 3 days on your moon cycle.

Other benifits: 
Blood purification 
Expanded lung capacity
Strenghtens the nerves
Activates the Brain
Increases Radiance

Yogi Bhajan Said that practicing breath of fire Daily for a minimum of 5 min can strengthen the lungs, purify the blood, and enhance oxygenation of the body.

Post a picture of you doing breath of fire on instagram and remember to tag ‪#‎kundaliniyogachallenge‬ @soulfitness and @yogalovedk

Sat Nam 

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