The Fragrance of Paradise


As I slowly wake up to a new day I feel like it’s a new beginning. I’m here! If paradise is half as nice as this I surely will be looking forward getting into heaven! The fragrance of the mountains is magic to me, my whole being is vibrating. I have arrived and it’s the first day of the 11 days of my retreat with the sacred ancient science of kundalini yoga. And I can’t almost believe I'm here! It’s morning and as I open my eyes the sun has not come up yet.
The first thing I do when I wake up, I welcome a glass of hot lemon water within my body, this is my inner wake up ritual that switches on my energy and prepares me for a morning class of kundalini yoga and meditation.
I enter into the sacred temple space. At the yoga mat is where the magic will be happening for the next 11 days. I look around welcoming every goddess sitting quietly and peacefully on her mat. Everyone is here to experience the power of awakening the kundalini energy and to break free of old patterns, release limitations, let go of fear and step into the space of courage and new possibilities. And at the end to gain deeper understanding, clarity and insight. As we move into the asanas, chant the mantras and sit to find our center of peace, the sun is rising. The temple turns pink, purple yellow and orange and our morning practice turns into a beautiful dance with the vibrant colours of the rising sun.
I’m speechless! The view from the open yoga temple is truly amazing. Looking over the refreshing mountains and the ricefields surrounding us, I can’t help to share a tear, getting deeply touch within my heart! This is happiness! This is where my soul longs to be.
Welcoming this day, nothing to do but to explore new adventure, take a clearing bath at the healing waterfalls and just lay in the grass to rest and relax. A whole day to do whatever excites you and fill you up with joy.
And then to end the day vibrating with the cosmos! Chanting as the sun sets over the mountains. Only to wake up for the next 10 days doing exactly the same, nourishing you deeply from within.
This is how I imagine it to be - come and join me

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